Mitary Aunty Pooku lo Na Madda : Boothu Kathalu

By | February 25, 2017

Boothu Kathalu : Mitary Aunty Pooku lo Na Madda

The Nokia 3310, one of the most iconic gadgets of the 21st century, which is making a comeback with the new version in the near indestructible, untiring phone due to be unveiled Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Mitary Aunty PookuRenowned mobile Tipster Evan Blass says she got the inside line to an unnamed source close to the company Global HMD, which is licensed to Nokia’s name and bring it back after years in the wilderness.

What else to arrive at MWC: We round up to five phones should really look out for our guide.

Word is that the new Nokia 3310 will be very similar to a feature phone that can withstand countless bumps and scrapes, offers basic call and text functionality and can take the best part of a week on a single charge.

Best of all, HMD, which is going to sell the phone only € 59 (£ 50) SIM-free, making it a no-brainer for technology nostalgic fans and those who are pining for the days when phones were simple.

Blass said, HMD will use the MWC to reveal three `Nokia phones, Nokia- 3, Nokia, 5 and Nokia 6, each one running a version of Google Android.

The exhibition is also expected to give us our first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S8, as well as LG G6 and Sony YOSHINO.


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