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By | February 25, 2017

Gatiga Dengina Bava : Free telugu boothu kathalu

The demand for next generation Galaxy S smartphone looks healthy, a uSwitch survey reveals, despite concerns woes 7 notorious batteries note endanger the Samsung brand. Note 8 The prospect is a lot less rosy, however.

Free telugu boothu kathaluA survey of more than 1,200 site users, a shade over 20% named Galaxy S8, is expected to land in March as the phone they are most looking forward to in 2017?

But just under 7% cited in note 8, signaling how far the range of stocks decreased. Seemingly weakening sentiment phone adds ballast to suggestions that Samsung may suspend the whole range of its brand and includes large screen and stylus pen is another rebranded line of smartphones.

Galaxy Note 7 Southwest Airlines- in

Last year note 7 has been withdrawn from sale a matter of weeks after it hit shop shelves. Samsung has released a call while a small number have been found to have an exploding batteries that caused the phones to catch fire.

Maybe it was expected that the iPhone 8 (28.7%) completed the top of the tree, testified irritable reported that the phone will be the tenth anniversary showstopper and a huge update to the current generation model.

If rumors are to believe that it will feature an all-new design, facial recognition technology, wireless charging and a bigger battery. It also claims to be the home of the ultra-bright, curved OLED screen with a virtual home button and can be completely dust-proof and water proof.

iPhone 8

In three of the HTC 11 (14.6%), suggesting that Taiwanese phone maker will be the main beneficiary of any damage caused to the Note Samsung- brand. And five position, there is a Google- in Pixel 2 (6.5%):

Despite strong sales for the mid-range iPhone SE, it seems that the demand is muted successor. So far, at least. Just 3.2%, a result of the compact and bijou phone Apple- as the top of their most wanted list.

This means that it is even beaten by the next phone, the OnePlus cult Brand OnePlus 4 (4.5%):

Samsung Project Valley Concept

Similarly culty in Samsung-‘s much hyped Project Valley flexible smartphones. In a sign that they may be useful to place only appeal short term, while only 2% of respondents bendable phones.

Ernest Doku, technology expert and Mobiles uSwitch, said: «Fallout note 7’s launch is certainly something Samsung wants to forget, but they eventually incredibly sincere about the events that led up to the high-profile international event.

“A failure of this magnitude can be tough to return, but Samsung has promised to return to battle and earn the good favor with customers improved phablet sequel, as well as retain the note name.

“Until battery problems Note 7 was both critical and commercial acclaim, proving that there is still demand for large screened smartphones. Before the recall, Samsung- in phablets are flying off the shelves, so a beefed up version of its Galaxy S8 can happen, the better. “


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